LBG - What is it for

An exceptional ingredient

Locust Bean Gum is a totally natural, light-colored, tasteless flour obtained by grinding the carob seeds.

The product is classified as a food ingredient with the abbreviation E410 and is characterized by having an High Viscosity; in association with other ingredients is capable of absorbing a large amount of water and extending the shelf-life of the product.

Locust Bean Gum is an exceptional food ingredient!

In Bakery products it improves the structure of the product, replaces gluten and increases shelf-life.

In Gastronomy, it increases creaminess, viscosity and improves the texture.

In Dairy products, it stabilizes the structure, optimizes the texture, improves the creaminess, increases the body of the product.

For Topping and Icing, it improves the texture and makes the product more workable.

For Baby Food.

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