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Locust Bean Gum is a natural compound extracted from the seeds of the carob plant (Ceratonia siliqua)



Production is carried out through special systems. We address the manufacturer directly, without intermediaries



The Locust Bean Gum is delivered to the customer always trying to offer the widest shelf-life


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Locust bean gum is a powdered food additive (E410) obtained by grinding the carob seeds, the spontaneous fruit of the carob tree.

The product complies with the standards of the European food legislation (E410) Reg. CE 231/2012 and Reg. CE 1333/08 and subsequent amendments

Our locust bean gum may come from Italy or Spain.

The raw material is selected with the highest market standards and produced by market leader suppliers

The organic product fully complies with EC regulation 834/2007 and is accompanied by certification. We are certified organic operators IT BIO 009 – EW14

Storage: Store away from heat and moisture; preferably at temperature <15° C and at about 65% relative humidity

Shelf-Life: If the product is stored at mentioned conditions in its unopened bags, it will maintain the initial properties at least 18 months.

– EU Regulation for Food Additives No.231/2012

– Allergen free certification

– Non GMO and GMO Free certification

– Non radiated material certification

– Ethylen Oxide Free certification

– Gluten free certifications

– Also available Organic certification

Available with:

10 Kg multi sheet (Paper+ HDPE) bags with thermoclosing valve

25 Kg multi sheet (Paper+ HDPE) bags with thermoclosing valve


The product has not been subjected to any conservative treatment with ethylene oxide

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